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Trademark Registration

Registration of trademark is not compulsory in Hong Kong. Whether a trademark has been registered or not, it is already been protected under the common law. The trademark owner must prove its loss and the justification of the value of the trademark. However, if the trademark is properly registered under the Trademarks Ordinance, the trademark owner has the right to prohibit the others to usage its trademark on any products or service before obtaining his approval. This can prevent other people using its trademark on their products or services. The right of a trademark owner is more easily enforced if the trademark is properly registered.


Patents Registration

Patents protect your invention by giving you, the patent owner, a legal right to prevent others from manufacturing, using, selling or importing your patented invention.

You need to file an application with the Patents Registry of the Intellectual Property Department. Applying for a patent elsewhere in the world or in other regions of China does not automatically give you protection in Hong Kong, China.

The Registrar of Patents examines your patent application to ensure that it meets the formal requirements for filing. We do not conduct substantive search and examination of the novelty or inventiveness of your invention.

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